Would it really be so much work for Capcom to enable it? Can't help but think the feature was there by default and disabled late in development. PC players adjust settings all the time to get a stable experience, and there are plenty who—intentionally!— hook up to their TV and a gamepad for a console experience. Just… » 2/26/15 2:59am 2/26/15 2:59am

I'm only guessing, but maybe there's something cultural at work. A Japanese horror monster might have an easier time terrifying/stalking/hunting its victims are less likely to ask for help or confide in others because it'd be a burden. Things aren't as scary the more people stick together and share their problems.… » 2/26/15 2:46am 2/26/15 2:46am

Bioware needs to stop hiring a million writers to explain why they couldn't be bothered to include a race's women or entire heavily promoted gameplay features. Three Mass Effect games and we didn't see one Turian woman until we paid for some DLC! I don't care how many jokes or witty nostalgic callbacks you put in the… » 2/07/15 11:16pm 2/07/15 11:16pm

The biggest reason I'm excited is because just about every other SaGa game was released back when Square still experimented with everything, from game mechanics to design and art style. Even if I thought a particular game's battle system was unclear and broken as a drunk mudman still reeling from the divorce, I could … » 12/15/14 5:27am 12/15/14 5:27am