Who wants to bet that Atlus’ll pass up their 1,2... 9th chance with Persona 4 to rock the boat and outright say Kanji or Naoto were or were not designed to be LGBTQ? For a company that makes games including Mara, they sure do like taking the safe way out. » 4/05/15 1:57am 4/05/15 1:57am

Jason, honey, baby, I have to know: Have you ever had a fine little chuckle, chortle, and/or guffaw with Mr. Tabeta at Toriyama's expense? I mean, as the figurehead of the last offline, mainline Final Fantasy—that one—he's had to have come up in conversation at some point. Was there ever an eye roll, a furrowed brow,… » 3/07/15 11:22pm 3/07/15 11:22pm

"Surely you must know your own value as one of the last 'Wih-Mihn" humans in existence? We've already lost Luke Skywalker's the Almighty's aunt Peru or Baloo or whatever, and we're still reeling from the death of Queen Dalai-Lama-Almond-Dollar, blessed be her funny name. ...But if you must go, it is imperative you… » 3/06/15 2:45am 3/06/15 2:45am

Would it really be so much work for Capcom to enable it? Can't help but think the feature was there by default and disabled late in development. PC players adjust settings all the time to get a stable experience, and there are plenty who—intentionally!— hook up to their TV and a gamepad for a console experience. Just… » 2/26/15 2:59am 2/26/15 2:59am